Shipping Schedule, FAQ's, and Announcements.

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General Announcements:

All of our items are hand crafted and made with lots of love! Our products are handmade to order, just for you! None of our items are mass produced. We offer made to order items via beatzwear.com as well as via etsy: beatboutique.
Thank you for supporting handmade!

To request a custom item please visit our etsy shop and browse our custom listings for hats/scoodies and layered fluffies. (click here).

★★Estimated shipping schedule is listed below. Typically orders will go out ahead of schedule. We always strive to get orders out ASAP. Orders will generally not ship any later than the date listed below. If there is any kind of delay an email will be sent to the email address listed on file with payment to notify you of the delay and provide you with alternate options. Delays are also posted on this page. Thank you for being understanding in this matter.★★

*Shipping labels are typically created in advance. You should see movement on your package within 24-72hrs. of the label being prepared.*

Please keep in mind that the sooner you order something, the sooner you will receive it. If you order before our deadline date, it is more likely that you will receive your order well before the date you need it by. Ordering on the deadline date means you will receive your order on time, but most likely at the last minute. *Please be sure to put the date you need your order by in the notes section at checkout.*